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Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Indigo Lyon - an Aerion associate and Aerion SBJ launch International Sales Representative proudly promoting the 2014-unveiled three-engined AS2 11-seat supersonic business jet. Save 3+ hours crossing the Atlantic at Mach 1.6 or fly Dubai-Singapore in half the time it takes today. Contact Peter Smales at Indigo Lyon for full details.

Contact Peter Smales on +44 (0) 7760 754 991
Design & Engineering: Aerion Corporation (USA)
Platform: Supersonic Business Jet (Model AS2)
Seats: 11 passengers
Max Cruise Speed: Mach 1.6
No Boom Cruise: Mach 1.1 - Mach 1.2
Approach Speed: 135 kts (250 kph)
Landing Distance: <4,000 ft
Range (7,500 BFL): 5,000+ nm (9,260 km)
Range (6,000 BFL): 4,000+ nm (7,408 km)
Ceiling: 51,000 ft (15,545 m)
Max Takeoff Weight: 115,000 lbs (52,163 kg)

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