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Aerion AS2

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Indigo Lyon - an Aerion AS2 Independent Sales Consultant and past Aerion SBJ launch International Sales Representative proudly promoting the 2014-unveiled three-engined AS2 11-seat supersonic business jet. Save 3+ hours crossing the Atlantic at Mach 1.6 or fly Dubai-Singapore in half the time it takes today.
Contact Peter Smales at Indigo Lyon for full details

Innovative Product Sales and/or Investment Opportunities

If you are a designer and/or manufacturer of high value innovative aviation engineering product, Indigo Lyon will help you grow your enterprise internationally in collaboration with our extensive worldwide network of business and high net worth individual personal contacts.

Indigo Lyon is already involved in a diverse range of interesting and sophisticated leading edge airborne technology engineering product and services marketing and sales representation and/or investment activity including;

  • Working closely with Aerion Corporation to actively promote the world’s first supersonic business jet, the Aerion AS2, and in Indigo Lyon's capacity as an Aerion AS2 Independent Sales Consultant, to secure order commitments in follow-on to the business community's serious interest and generous support in reaction to the presentation of Aerion's first supersonic business jet design, the originally branded "SBJ".